summertime :)

Yesterday was the last day of school. It’s a day of many emotions. MEGAexcitement because now begins many days of no alarms, no bus duty, no grading papers, etc… There’s also a bit of sadness saying goodbye to 22 kiddos you’ve shared so many days with. 22 that came to me still very much like kindergarteners but leaving ready to tackle second grade. It is a wonderful thing to experience. One of the reasons I love teaching is the second, third, fourth chances we have to get things right. I certainly did not do everything right this year. Lots my patience one too many times, forgot to put grades in when they were due, got caught up in something and didn’t take time to listen to a sweet story, didn’t teach something exactly right, I could go on and on. But next year I can fix all of those things. It is a tremendous blessing to get to start over every 10 months. One I wouldn’t change or give up for anything. 



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