Friday Favorites

Fun finds from the web this week! Happy Friday!!

Favorite Sweet Bite: Dark Chocolate. Cream Cheese. Cupcake. Do I really need to say anything else?


Favorite Sewing Project: I LOVE this. Like really, really love. Such a beautiful addition to a classic button up.


Favorite DIY: Here’s another chalkboard diy that I must do! So adorable!


Favorite Snack: I am a huge fan of hummus and roasted garlic so this roasted garlic hummus is right up my alley! Looks really delicious!


Favorite Printable: I love this site and all of their printables but especially loved this one and thought it was perfect for the new year. And it’s free! 🙂


Favorite Must-See: This pink lake is unreal. How amazing would it be to swim in this?!


Favorite Garden DIY: I started ordering seeds and thinking about my garden plans this week! So exciting! I love this idea for labeling all of the goodies!


Favorite Breakfast: The sweet and salty combination in these Bacon and Brown Sugar Pancakes sounds divine! We must have these. ASAP.


Favorite Kitchen Storage: I love this coffee space that you can just tuck away when not in use. Really clever!


What are your favorites today??