Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! It was a cloudy, rainy day here but still a happy Friday!! Hope the same for you!!

Favorite Smoothie: I love mint chocolate chip ice cream and this smoothie looks like the perfect healthy substitute!! So creamy and minty looking!!

Favorite Healthy Bite: I am a HUGE fan of the Biggest Loser and LOVED this season. I also loved the season where Curtis Stone came and did a kitchen demo, these are his cupcakes and they look wonderful!! Hard to believer they’re only 60 calories!!

Biggest Loser Cupcakes

Favorite Flab Fighter: My sis and I did this workout this week and it was kicking our tail. But it was a lot of fun and it felt super quick!

The P90X-Express Workout. 14 day routine only 20-30min a day.

Favorite Icy Treat: I bought my first pineapple of the season this week and it was deeelicious. This pineapple sorbet looks amazing!! Can NOT wait to try it!!

Favorite Puppy Spot: How awesome is this?! I know one pup that would love this and one pup who would stay faaarrrr away!

shorty would love this!

Favorite Summer Style: It is going to be hot, hot, hot very soon. My hair will be up pretty much everyday in the summer because it’s so hot! Would love this headband to make a pony or a bun super cute!

Favorite Easter Treat: I have never seen this before and I LOVE it! What a fun treat!! So precious and what kiddo would not love this?!