Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! It was a cloudy, rainy day here but still a happy Friday!! Hope the same for you!!

Favorite Smoothie: I love mint chocolate chip ice cream and this smoothie looks like the perfect healthy substitute!! So creamy and minty looking!!

Favorite Healthy Bite: I am a HUGE fan of the Biggest Loser and LOVED this season. I also loved the season where Curtis Stone came and did a kitchen demo, these are his cupcakes and they look wonderful!! Hard to believer they’re only 60 calories!!

Biggest Loser Cupcakes

Favorite Flab Fighter: My sis and I did this workout this week and it was kicking our tail. But it was a lot of fun and it felt super quick!

The P90X-Express Workout. 14 day routine only 20-30min a day.

Favorite Icy Treat: I bought my first pineapple of the season this week and it was deeelicious. This pineapple sorbet looks amazing!! Can NOT wait to try it!!

Favorite Puppy Spot: How awesome is this?! I know one pup that would love this and one pup who would stay faaarrrr away!

shorty would love this!

Favorite Summer Style: It is going to be hot, hot, hot very soon. My hair will be up pretty much everyday in the summer because it’s so hot! Would love this headband to make a pony or a bun super cute!

Favorite Easter Treat: I have never seen this before and I LOVE it! What a fun treat!! So precious and what kiddo would not love this?!



Friday Favorites (a day late:)

Happy Friday!! What a glorious Friday it’s been! Could NOT ask for a more beautiful day!! We’ve been spring breaking this week and it’s been great. Literally spent the entire break outside relaxing on the deck with a book in hand or working in the graden. It was really wonderful!

I missed last Friday’s Favorites because I was so totally engrossed in finishing Downton Abeey Season 3! Oh. my. goodness. That show. Amazing and heartbreaking at the same time! Won’t say anymore, hate to spoil! Any fellow downton watchers out there?!

Favorite Side: I’m getting ready to plant some green beans and these Roasted Parmesan Green Beans will have to be made with the first harvest! So yum!






Favorite Salad: This salad looks delicious and it’s supposedly one of the dishes that was made for the Biggest Loser contestants when they went to the Whitehouse last season! Looks like the perfect healthy side dish for a BBQ!


Favorite Downton Funny: I love these two on Downton! Such a funny pair!!


Favorite Cooking Spot: realllly love this kitchen! The beadboard, wooden planks on the wall, subway tile, the red pops of color, so many great and beautiful elements!!


Favorite Breakfast: These pancakes look really delightful. They look like they’d be super light and super delicious! I don’t think I’ve ever tried a lemon pancake but I must soon!


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday to you!! Hope it was a wonderful week and hope you have a great weekend!!

Favorite Breakfast: I see these baked chocolate donuts making an appearance on our breakfast table in the very near future! So yum!!

Chocolate Cake Doughnuts

Favorite Snack: I love sweet potato oven fries but have never made sweet potato chips!! These look amazing!!

Spicy Sweet Potato Chips!

Favorite Chevron: Love this accent wall! So simple but makes a huge impact! You should the before picture, changes the look completely!!

Earn Your Stripes 'After' Photo

Favorite Smoothie: How refreshing does this pink grapefruit smoothie look?! I think it’d be the perfect thing to wake you up on a sleepy morning!

Favorite Flashback Funny: Oh, how I love this show! I can just hear this scene playing out. HILARIOUS!!

Favorite Kitchen: I was on a kitchen pinning streak this week so it was hard for me to narrow it down to one favorite. But I do love everything about this one. Especially the little pup, this is something we often have in our kitchen as well. 🙂 

Clean Kitchen

Favorite Carb: Um, WOW. Roasted Garlic and Rosemary bread?! Yes, please!!

Easy Artisan Roasted Garlic Rosemary Bread

Tell me about some of your favorites this week!!